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Data Science

Thank you to all those who took part in the recent survey, voting on the importance of Data Science Vs Data Literacy.

The votes have been reviewed and I can confirm that 88% felt Data Literacy was more important.

Essentially, the more data literate your organisation is, the better your results will ultimately will be. Having worked with companies all over the world, every day I see organisations fail to boost the data literacy of their employees. These companies will be left behind, because they are not be able to fully use the vital business resources of data to gain business advantage. In this post, I explored what data literacy is, why it’s crucial for every business, and ways to promote data literacy.

If anyone would like to understand more about this, please either contact me directly to discuss further, or you can obtain an overview of data engineering (which covers elements as well) from our upcoming Webinar “Data Engineering in Insurance”.

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