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Actuarial Services

Our Actuarial service is one way that corporations determine, assess, and plan for the financial impact of risk. Actuaries use mathematical and statistical models to evaluate risk in the insurance and finance industries. In addition to mathematical and statistical methods, actuaries call upon other fields including probability, finance, economics, and computer programming to create actuarial models. Actuarial science is used to evaluate and predict future payouts for insurance and other financial industries such as the pension industry.

We at ARGenesis are actuarial experts providing wider ranges services from Data Science, Pricing, Reserving, Capital & Risk, to help clients obtain better position and advise on how to manage your business portfolio driven through a blend of qualitative analysis and commercial business awareness.


What we cover in actuarial services

Reserving Analytics

The claim reserving is the process of setting aside funds to settle claims for policies that have been written.

  • Proper reserving techniques is critical for any insurance business, but particularly so for ones with long maturity timeline.
  • We can help you implement reserving models, from the industry-standard ones such as Chain Ladder, to more bespoke solutions, such as stochastic reserving techniques, targeted at irregular and volatile lines of businesses.

Our reserving is also implemented through our in-house software GenieAPP, which allows for swift execution and comparison of different techniques.


Pricing Analytics

We can help you with your pricing analytics that is inclusive of: managing your pricing elements of risk costs, price elasticity and price optimisation. Our team has had extensive experience in engaging with academic and we strive to incorporate modern and powerful data science modelling techniques. Implemented in our in-house software GenieAPP. The sophistication of pricing models is complimented by the simplified user interface – which allows you to focus on insights and model outputs instead of the often-messy process of implementation.

Data led Insights

Data led actionable insight can provide the means to improve business performance across different a variety of disciplines and departments internally. Our in-house solution called GenieUs Ecosystem know as the data ecosystem following services are benefits driven, aiming to provide the data led actionable insight our clients need to inform the right strategy for their business needs.

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) & Capital

We can help you construct a capital model that can capture and reflect your risk appetite to ensure that a solvent amount of capital is maintained. Following Solvency II, adequate capital modelling have become both a legal requirement and a key indicator of a healthy business. There are multiple elements associated to Risk & Solvency II and Capital Modelling, such as:

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