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Overview of ARGenesis

ARGenesis is a Decision Science Company  that work’s across multiple industries . We operate as a Technology and Software Solutions (SaaS) provider, specialising in Actuarial, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Data Services.  Our mission is to deliver Data-Led Insights and Bespoke Analytics Solutions for our clients.

We aspire to be your most trusted external Actuarial & Data Services advisor by providing independent advice and support to help you achieve your strategic goals. Our proprietary technology and consulting services are here to help you reach peak levels of performance, in both reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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Why Choose Us

“We empower managing general agents, insurers, reinsurers, captives and brokers to gain strategic advantage by using and optimising decision science. We do this by using our proprietary tools, techniques and consulting services to harness data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

What differentiates ARGenesis

Our People 

ARGenesis delivers cutting edge technology solutions and are able to hit markets with our credible leadership team (see our client testimonies).

ARGenesis has a talented team of Data Science, Data Engineering & Actuarial Science experts which are in scarce supply and difficult to source from the labour market.

Our rates are extremely competitive. This is underpinned by the savings and increased profitability we achieve meaning our projects are often cost-neutral.

The Data Ecosystem


The GenieUs Data Ecosystem development arm of ARGenesis supports the development of cutting-edge data science and AI solutions such as fraud detection, descriptive, predictive modelling and IoT solutions.

The founder is currently an active member of the IFoA  Board (Institute of Actuaries) and is at the leading edge of innovative thinking about the widespread challenges taking place in the market.

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Insurance Sector Expertise

The ARGenesis leadership team enjoys strong credibility due to its extensive insurance industry experience and network of relationships across the market and with other prestige organisations such as the Bank of England.

Unique and Proprietary Solutions

The ARGenesis laboratory, GenieLab, runs proof of concept projects to help resolve some of the industry’s most challenging issues by providing authoritative insight into areas such as Escape of Water (EoW) (household / commercial policies) and Autonomous Vehicle Insurance (motor policies).

The ARGenesis team not only has a wealth of practical industry experience but also boasts strong links to academia.

ARGenesis is collaborating with the Semi-Automatous vehicle  insurance rating within the GenieLab research laboratory, which includes leaders within academia.

Our Clients

The industries have become more data-driven than ever before. A rich database is the backbone of any sophisticated predictive analytics model. However, our clients often find that the vast volume of data they capture and store has outpaced the capacity of their traditional IT to make sense of it.

As an  Technology company with expertise in multiple data sources, we can assist you in constructing a robust data infrastructure that ensures your data will reach all parts of your IT a robust data infrastructure that translates data into valuable information and business insights to fuel effective decision making and increasing profitability.


Managing General Agents (MGAs)

Managing General Agents (MGA)

MGAs need to satisfy themselves and their capacity providers of the inherent risk profile of their portfolios, often without on-tap actuarial support available. ARGenesis bridges the gap between MGAs and insurers. Using our GenieAPP, we ensure that actuarially sound data is available to support MGA's decision making and negotiations with insurers.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers

Brokers with delegated authority are having to adapt to the growing importance of capturing, cleansing and analysing actuarially sound data. This enables effective communications with insurers to explain portfolio performance and negotiate optimal market rates. ARGenesis supports brokers with our decision science tools and consultancy services.



Technology is driving a tidal wave of change through this once staid industry. It is helping insurers to create and deliver innovative products, optimise go-to-market strategies, strengthen customer value propositions and redefine relationships throughout the entire insurance ecosystem. The key enabler to this change is data. ARGenesis exists to help insurers derive and act on business insights with a special focus on data science and our proprietary analytics tools.



The world of reinsurance is driven by data. It must be timely, accurate, complete, reliable and relevant. Once this is achieved, business critical insights can be derived by applying data science techniques. ARGenesis is here to help reinsurers navigate the complex world of data through our proprietary tools and our GenieUs Data Science framework.
Our CEO discussing the impact of data within IFRS-17
Panel discussion with the Bank of England & Aviva insurance at Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro) in London
Our Clients Feedback
 What they say about us!
Lyndon Wood
Moorhouse Group Ltd

“We appointed ARGenesis to assist with our Actuarial Services.  Asif was our Chief Actuarial Head who demonstrated great skill, care and attention in all aspects of his work.  He showed a clear understanding of the commercials that contribute to a business.”

Dan Bishop
Head of Pricing & Analytics

“ARGenesis were recently appointed on an interim basis to help support and provide leadership to the Hiscox Pricing team. Within the role, Asif (ARGenesis) was heavily involved in supporting us on various lines of business. (Cyber, PI and Personal Lines). He brought great enthusiasm and energy to the team, whilst also helping them to further develop their technical skills using both traditional and data science techniques. The support he provided has greatly helped our Leadership team with a number of key team objectives. I was extremely happy with what ARGenesis (Asif in particular) brought to the role / team. His blend of strong technical skills, high energy and enthusiasm, are something you rarely come across. I very much look forward to working together with Asif and ARGenesis in the future.”

Ramiz Mohamed
Head of Underwriting Portfolio Management

“I worked with founder of ARGenesis Asif embedding the UK cyber pricing model. Asif fully implemented the model, and supported with parameter setting, impact analysis and on-going portfolio monitoring. Asif brought a wealth of technical pricing experience as well as being able to deliver under tight timescales. Asif also developed his knowledge of cyber the product and cyber the peril, and the key underwriting and rating factors that drive cyber risk. It was a pleasure working with Asif, and his experience was fundamental to the success of this project.”

Andre Ford
Nexus Underwriting
Group Chief Underwriting Officer

“Asif has a great energy and understanding of actuarial pricing and reserving and has worked with us on some key projects. Asif interacts well with people and gets things done.”

The Comedor Management

“ARGenesis has been a great support for us all here at Comedor in helping building an ecosystem for us and transforming the data into meaningful value. I’d like to thank Asif and his team to date for all their continues contribution, which is helping us drive better margins. We recommend if you have a data problem to solve then think of ARGenesis.”

The Wellington Club

“The Wellington Club has evolved with meticulous decision making due to the dedicated involvement and support ARGenesis and the team have offered. The ARGenesis ecosystem enhanced our capabilities with how and when we used data which lead to a plethora of results that are all aligned with our business values, objectives and practicality measures. We look forward to our continued growth and sustainability with ARGenesis at our side.”

Reinsurance Group of America
Chair Research Data Science wp

“ARGenesis founder  has great enthusiasm and multi-talented. We worked together in IFoA Data Science MIG and I witnessed how he brought energy and ideas, including organising a well-received Data Science conference day. His pragmatism and pleasant demeanour make him a real pleasure to work with.”

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)
Communities Manager

“ARGenesis founder since taking over the Chairmanship of the IFoA General insurance Data Science MIG early last year , Asif has worked hard to showcase the research that has been developed under its remit. Further he has promoted the importance of Data Science as a tool for actuaries in a series of Data Science Events, March 2020, May 2020 and then next event Dec 2020. The membership of the MIG continues to grow and now has 44 members across the five work steams and has added a six work stream to address Covid19 research as it changes from MIG into working party. A good achievement Asif.”

Jacob Lonsdale
Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)
Communication Lead

“I asked ARGenesis’s Asif John to work with me in developing market insights around IFoA Affiliate membership and in promoting the product to markets beyond IFoA’s core membership. His wide experience of industry and academia, and the actuarial and data science professions, meant that he had invaluable perspectives to offer. His understanding of product development and marketing made him easy to work with and his energy and openness leant the project impetus.”

Gaurav Ladhar
Land Mark Private Finance
Managing Director

“ARGenesis and their team has supported us during pandemic period and have been huge help for us, we are a fintech mortgage brokers that provide mortgages coupled with insurance policies for our clients.   They have been supportive to us and provided their proprietary technology tool called GenieAPP, which is an impressive automated tool and further through the GenieUs ecosystem parts of the data analytics again helping us manage data in a more meaningful way.” 

Richard Day
Hastings Direct
Underwriting Director

“Asif worked with me on a specific home pricing and fraud identification project He completed the project on time with minimal assistance from my team. It was a good piece of work.”