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GenieUs Ecosystem

The industry landscape is currently going through a fast-paced technology led change, also known as the ‘Tech’, with different domains i.e. Retailing, Banking, IT Operations, Insurers & Others leveraging ’Tech’ to develop cutting edge techniques, approaches, methodologies for increasing customer’s proposition value.

‘Tech’ is allowing the industry players to diversify their product range, leading to an increase in their profitability together with the setting up (in recent years) of a number of new companies. These now contribute to a significant proportion towards the market.

GenieUs - The Ecosystem Enabler

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ARGenesis  uses a state-of-the-art technology platform “ GenieUs”, and its expertise in Data Science and actuarial processes, to enable our clients to gain a strategic advantage over competition, by being actively guided on the performance and profitability of their product portfolios.

GenieUs offers digital technology through 3 key pillars.

The 3 key pillars of the GenieUs Ecosystem can be utilised independently, or integrated together as a bespoke offering tailored to each of the client’s individual requirements.  It provides the complete Data Science suite from Data Engineering (RAW files), EDA, Predictive Analytics, Analytics, and the most innovative science to help businesses excel through using data science and machine learning applications

Our Digital Operational Functions


XE – A data engineering solution offering clients a bespoke software platform providing full mechanisations with the raw data processes


XP – A predictive analytics software platform where we build basic to advanced (bespoke) data science techniques for clients to utilise, for all data set sizes.


XA – A bespoke data analytics software (AI) which gives clients insights of their portfolio’s and how it is managed (unlike out-dated techniques using GLMs etc, XA utilises ALL of your available data (not just samples) to provide these insights.  Ultimately the technology we deliver provides one-to-many profitability levers to help companies streamline their bottom/top line RoI/RoE.

Hear how the ARGenesis River of Data Flows

Ultimately the technology we deliver provides one-to-many profitability levers to help companies streamline there bottom/top line RoI/RoE.

GenieUs is your key to INSURTECH!


40 Bank street,

Canary Wharf, London

E14 5NR, United Kingdom

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