40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NR. ​United Kingdom

Computational & Actuarial Data Science

Our GenieLab research laboratory focuses on Computational & Actuarial Data Science. We aim to bridge the gap between the insurance industry and academia by funding and participating in academic research.

The core objective are:

  • Research:  Producing research publications in the Computation & Actuarial Data Science domain and fostering collaboration between our in-house technical staff and academics from UK universities.
  • Tutorials: Producing educational material in Data Science & Programming for actuaries within the context of data science techniques.
  • Strategy: Aiming to blur the line between Actuarial Science and Data Science by bringing techniques from Data Science to actuaries.

If you’d like to know more or join our Research Lab team, please register your interest by email: Research.Lab@argenesis.com

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40 Bank street,

Canary Wharf, London

E14 5NR, United Kingdom

Phone:  (+44) 02030597750