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COVID-19 Review

Risk assessment on COVID-19

The global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected businesses globally in many different ways. We can help you evaluate the risk of your portfolio in relation to its impact. By providing data-led insights and technology solutions, we can help you assess your exposure to risks and manage through the challenges brought by COVID-19.

We would like to share with you what our team have been doing in relation to COVID-19 over recent weeks, to ensure we are best placed to help our clients.

We are very pleased to advise that Asif John (CEO) has completed a course specific in COVID-19 Contract Tracing, and successfully passed the exam.

It’s provided him (and the team) with a more in-depth insight in to COVID-19 and it will allow him to personally help the wider community locally where he lives.

In addition, it will also be of great professional help with our clients and the new COVID-19 workstream through IFoA Data Science MIG, for which he is the current chairman.

COVID-19 Market Evaluation

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At ARGenesis, we truly believe that these challenges can be the catalyst for positive  change, and the stimulus

for the insurance sector to reassess and reshape itself.

Our view is that Insurers need to address legacy problems with a new sense of urgency

ARGenesis – Actuarial COVID-19 Process (high-level)

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