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Audit Review - A complete range of audit and risk assessment.

Audit, risk and compliance have become more important than ever before. This is due to an ever-changing regulatory environment and increasing numbers of delegated relationships. ARGenesis is here to help you stay compliant, whilst maintaining your credibility and fair treatment of your customers.

Our team of specialists at ARGenesis provide a complete range of audit and risk assessment services across the entire insurance value chain.

The ARGenesis team’s practical experience spans across underwriting, technical accounting / finance, claims adjusting, IT and compliance; and we provide services to both Lloyd’s and Company markets

ARGenesis can add significant values to your existing teams, helping you to implement and maintain an effective assurance framework and audit programme,  by helping you take a wider look at your business requirements.

Our area we cover are:


Actuarial-related risks have always been a focus within a company’s risk management framework. Actuarial auditing is essential to the success of a company’s operations through the effective management of actuarial risks and the proper control of key business processes.


Underwriting is responsible for providing investigation, analysis, and reporting on transactions with all lines of business for underwriting management. Other responsibilities include analysing selection, quoting, and issuance of new and renewal businesses to determine if they are in accordance with the  company’s current underwriting guidelines.


We can help to improve claims management performance while ensuring compliance with processes and standards. Our reviews provide robust management information on adherence to both corporate and regulatory requirements.  We have in-depth working knowledge of the Lloyd’s minimum standards and is an accredited Lloyd’s Claims File reviewers (CFR).

Delegated Authority Coverholder/ MGA and TPA Audits:

We provide in-depth analyses of delegated authority performance to improve controls, business performance and the satisfaction of your customers.


Our Cyber Audit Practice is truly unique. We have partnered with Cyber Security Associates (CSA) to provide the only shared knowledge solution by a UK company. Alongside to undertaking cyber audits, we can provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems to identify potential attacks. Our (re)insurance SMEs and cyber security experts can work collaboratively with you to implement current best practices with mitigating controls to reduce your exposure to both major incidents and minor cyber crime.

Internal audit and risk management:

We can create and implement or supplement internal audit programmes to demonstrate adherence to corporate policies and control frameworks.


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